Dear friends,

I’m excited to share with you the news that we will be offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity trip to Israel. Chabad of Sunset Strip will be joining the JLI Land and Spirit Solidarity Trip 2024 from April 1–7.

JLI has been organizing educational and inspiring trips to Israel since 2008. In response to recent events, the itinerary has been updated to offer unique opportunities for you to witness the impact of the October 7th attack.

This includes meetings with soldiers on the front lines, former hostages, and visits to communities affected by the current war. There will also be classic itinerary options if you are seeking a traditional Israel experience.

This trip is more than a visit—it’s our chance to stand up for our brothers and sisters when it matters most. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reconnect, and find strength in our Jewish identity, and heritage.

I invite you to join me for this uniquely impactful trip to Israel. Let’s stand together. We need solidarity now more than ever.

Feel free to reach out with any questions,

Rabbi Mordechai & Pessa Kirschenbaum



Solidarity with Soldiers

  • Visit wounded IDF veterans and be inspired by their bravery.
  • Host a barbeque for combat soldiers, complete with live music.
  • Hand deliver care packages to soldiers on the front lines.
  • Be there to support lone soldiers, who are fighting for our people far from their families.


Help Out on the Homefront

  • Help farmers across Israel with planting, pruning, or picking fruits and vegetables.
  • Prepare delicious hot meals for displaced families, soldiers, and the needy.
  • Pack food parcels for distribution in front-line communities.
    Organize essential gear to be shipped to IDF troops.
  • Craft and tie tzitzit for IDF soldiers.
    Paint bomb shelters and help restore homes ravaged by war.


The scope of the Tragedy

  • Visit the kibbutzim and communities that bore the brunt of the horrors of October 7th: Be’eri, Kfar Azza, Nir Oz, Netiv Ha’asara, and others.
  • Walk in the streets of Sderot and Ofakim and hear incredible stories of fortitude under fire.
  • Pay tribute to the victims of the Nova Festival massacre at the site of the music festival.
  • Witness the tragic scene outside of Re’im, where burnt-out cars bear silent witness to horrors.
  • Visit the Shura Base, where final rites are performed for fallen soldiers and terror victims.
  • Experience Hostage Square in Tel Aviv and meet hostage families.


Courage under Fire

  • Meet modern-day heroes, civilians who risked their lives to save innocents on October 7.
  • Hear from the volunteers of Magen David Adom, Hatzalah, and ZAKA.
    Comfort bereaved families who radiate courage while mourning loved ones.
  • Meet Rabbi Doron Peres and Rachel Polin, parents of children abducted by Hamas.
  • Support the wives and families of reservists.
  • Stand with community leaders and activists who sprang into action on October 7 to help their people.


Exclusive Insights

  • Meet leaders responsible for maintaining security.
  • Get a private briefing from top military analysts and strategists.
  • Meet the officials on the front lines of defending Israel in the world media.
  • Gain insight and strategies for defending Israel in the battle of public opinion.
  • Meet politicians and members of the Knesset.


The Spirit of the Land

  • Experience Friday night services at the Western Wall with thousands of fellow Jews.
  • Pray at the Cave of the Patriarchs (Me’arat Hamachpelah) in Hebron.
  • Walk the pathways of Jerusalem through the ages: the City of David, the Western Wall tunnels, and the Old Jewish Quarter.
  • Experience the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, the Knesset, the Israel Museum, and the National Library.
  • Hike up the ancient desert fortress of Masada and float in the Dead Sea’s waters.