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We offer a wide range of Torah study opportunities no matter your experience. Study in a one-on-one format where you can choose whatever Torah topic you always wanted to learn. Learn how to read from the Torah or Haftorah for your Bar Mitzvah.

If you prefer a group class setting, we offer a weekly Parsha class on each weeks Torah reading from the highly acclaimed Jewish Learning Institute (JLI). The JLI courses are 6-week long and are offered 3 times annually. These courses simplify Torah topics, stimulating your passion for Torah learning and deepen your Torah wisdom.

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One on One Torah Study
There is nothing like the study of Torah to help put our minds a little more at ease during these difficult and challenging times to connect with the Torah’s timeless and eternal messages of wisdom and truth.  You can choose a topic of your liking, Talmud, Ethics of our fathers, the transmission of Torah, and many more.


4 Tuesday’s – Nov 23 2021
7:30 PM

Cost: $89


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A new four-session course from the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute

COURSE OVERVIEW: Outsmarting Antisemitism examines the roots of this ancient hatred, and probes productive strategies for reducing antisemitism, best prac- tices for dealing with prejudiced public individuals, tools for coping with personal fears triggered by antisemitism, and the role of faith in these areas. The course investigates the modern fire-breathing dragon— anti-Israel focused antisemitism—and highlights methods of forestall- ing Jewish youth from unwittingly lending their voices to antisemitic agendas. The learning experience will be informative, empowering, and, at the same time, motivational and supportive.

It is our fervent hope that these currently indispensable methods of coping and handling become rapidly obsolete. We pray that this course soon be reshelved in the history department rather than persist as a con- temporary social instrument—with the speedy realization of Isaiah’s vision of global harmony, mutual understanding, and genuine goodwill.


By taking another look at the statistics, studying our people’s remark- able perseverance, and exploring the concept of Providence, we can find eternal cause for confidence and optimism while we implement plans to secure ourselves and our communities.


We look at some of the explanations for antisemitism that have been offered throughout the ages to emerge with an important principle: the problem with hating Jews lies not with the Jews but with the haters.  internalizing this hate is not a healthy response.


Today, hatred of Jews commonly manifests itself as antagonism to- ward the Jewish State. This class distinguishes all-out antisemitism from some more nuanced sub-strains. It also examines what Jews are taught—and should be taught—about Israel’s education and the very nature of Jewish nationhood.


Psychology, neuroscience, and recent history show us that neither friend nor foe should ever be taken for granted. With a bit of subtlety and conviction, and always with trust in G-d, we find that the dark days of the past are no cause for pessimism ahead. 

Cost of the course is $89 (includes textbook).